When you create your account on Scoot's payroll system, ADP Workforce Now, you will be asked to enter bank account details to enable direct deposit.

ADP will check the account details you've provided to ensure money is sent to the right place. ADP can check some accounts instantly but other accounts take 5 to 10 business days. This depends on there being a connection between ADP and your bank.

If you're due pay and ADP cannot verify your account, you will be paid via check sent in the mail to your address on file with ADP. This could occur if your account has been rejected for incorrect details or you're simple in the 5 to 10 day verification window because your account couldn't be instantly verified.

If your account was rejected, Scoot will inform you. If you're in the 5 to 10 day verification window, then your next pay will be via direct deposit.

If you do not receive the paper check within 7 business days of the Friday payday, please email us at [email protected] to request the check to be re-issued to you.

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