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How do I create an account with ADP?
How do I create an account with ADP?

How to create an account with Scoot's payroll system, ADP Workforce Now.

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New Scoot employees are added to our payroll system, ADP Workforce Now, after they're hired. Normally new employees are added to ADP weekly on a Friday afternoon.

Note: If you're having trouble signing up for ADP, watch the below video.

If you have worked your first shift but not been added to ADP by 5pm on a Friday, please contact your consultant or [email protected]

When you're added to ADP, you'll receive two emails; one from Scoot and one from ADP with the subject line: Welcome to ADP! Register today

Make sure to check your junk mail if one these emails are missing. If you can't find the email with your PRC, view this help article: What should I do if I can't find my personal registration code (PRC) for ADP?

Once you've received both emails complete registration by following these steps:

  1. Click here to create your account


  3. Enter the PRC code you've been sent.

  4. Enter your name and select an authentication method

  5. Confirm your contact details and add back-up contact information, if desired

  6. Create your username and password


  8. Select ADP Workforce Now

  9. Sign in with your username and password

  10. At the top of the screen you'll see a button that says COMPLETE NOW - press it!

  11. Complete the onboarding steps

Note: For a complete step by step guide on how to complete the registration process, please use our ADP Registration Tutorial or watch the below video for an in-depth guide:

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