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Steps to get Fingerprinted in Scoot D.C.!
Steps to get Fingerprinted in Scoot D.C.!

Step by step breakdown of how to get fingerprinted in D.C.

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In D.C. you will be asked to complete a local background check and a federal background check.

For your local background check you will submit your information via the Fountain platform, where you are completing your onboarding!

For your federal background check you will follow the instructions below:

Scoot will reimburse you for your FBI fingerprint check in your first paycheck.

Please follow the instructions below and then revisit the Fountain platform to upload results:

  1. Register for an account or login with an existing account

  2. If required, enter the contact details to complete your account

Tips for completing the questionnaire. Select the below responses:

  1. Request Reason: For Review and Correction Purposes

  2. Personal: Complete details as required

  3. Demographics: Complete detailed as required

  4. Location: Choose a convenient fingerprinting location

  5. Appointment: Schedule a time to be fingerprinted

  6. Confirmation: Confirm your appointment details and press "I Agree" on the Terms and Conditions or make corrections

  7. Payment: Enter credit card or PayPal details for payment. Scoot reimburses up to $47 in your first paycheck after your first shift

  8. Print Form: You will receive a form to take with you to the fingerprinting appointment

  9. Receipt: Download a copy of you receipt to upload to Scoot

A federal and a local background check are required for employment, please reach out to your consultant with any questions!

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