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Steps to get Fingerprinted with Scoot New Jersey!
Steps to get Fingerprinted with Scoot New Jersey!

Step by step breakdown of how to get fingerprinted in New Jersey

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For Scoot to complete your criminal background check with the OSP, there are a series of steps we need you to take.

There are two different processes available. These differ dependent on whether you have been fingerprinted with the OSP previously for an employer within education eg) a charter school or public school district.

  1. If you have previously been fingerprinted with the OSP for an employer within the education industry, you can provide Scoot access to your background check without getting re-fingerprinted. Click here for instructions on how to submit an archived application request.

    *Please note that if your previous fingerprints were for a non-education employer, you will need to get fingerprinted again.

  1. If you have never been fingerprinted with the OSP, click here for instructions that walk you through the process.

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