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How do I request sick leave in Colorado?
How do I request sick leave in Colorado?

How to request the sick leave available to you

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Scoot Process:

Consult your Scoot Consultant for detailed information on how the dollar amount of your sick pay is calculated and the amount you are entitled to receive. The actual dollar amount that you receive may vary according to your compensation plan.

In order to use sick leave you must be scheduled to work an assignment and provide advance notice, as early as possible, to Scoot that you’re unable to complete the scheduled assignment and seek to use your accrued sick leave. This request must be made orally, in writing or by e-mail. Please contact your Scoot Consultant to learn the number of sick leave hours you've accrued.

State Policy:

You will be eligible to accrue and use sick leave in accordance with applicable Colorado and local laws. Generally, this means that you will accrue one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours you work up to a cap of 48 hours and you may use only these 48 accrued hours in any given calendar year. You become eligible to use sick leave immediately after it is accrued.

To view the full policy, click here.

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