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How do I upload documents into Scoot2Work?
How do I upload documents into Scoot2Work?

A secure way to upload documents!

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The “My Files” section is a secure way to upload documents for your consultant to review. For example, if you renew your teaching certificate, you can upload it here.

  1. Navigate to your documents depending on which device you are on.

    1. Browser: Select “My Files” from the side bar menu.

    2. Mobile: Select “Documents” from the bottom bar menu.

  2. In order to organize various documents, there are multiple sections in “My Files.” Please provide or upload your information in the appropriate section:

    1. Qualifications: Degree info, such as Bachelor’s or Associate’s

    2. Certifications: Teaching credentials

    3. Other Documents: Items that do not fit in the other sections

    4. Work Experiences: Any new work experience you may have

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