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Steps to get Fingerprinted with Scoot Arizona!
Steps to get Fingerprinted with Scoot Arizona!

Step by step breakdown of how to get fingerprinted in Arizona

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Step 1: Get an IVP Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance Card

The IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card is required of anyone who is applying to be a substitute in the state of Arizona. This is different from a Level 1, please double check yours is IVP and/or reapply below.

Create an account with ADPS

  1. Select "Individual Personal Account" when asked for the type of account you would like to create and then click "Continue".

  2. Fill out the rest of the questions with your information. Make sure everything is correct!

Apply for Fingerprint Clearance Card

  1. Select "Request a Replacement / Apply for a Card for Myself or Someone Else" and click "Continue".

  2. Sign into your Arizona Department of Public Services account and select "Apply for a New Clearance Card" under "What do you need to do?"

4. Next, select "IVP" under "Do you require an IVP Clearance Card?

5. Next, select "No" under "Have you ever had an IVP Clearance Card before?"

6. At the end of the Privacy Act Statement, click "Continue".

7. Under "Reason(s) for Applying", your information should be filled in as shown:

8. Fill out the rest of the questions with your information. Make sure everything is correct!

9. Under "Employment Information", enter the following information:

410 N. Scottsdale Road, #1000

Tempe, AZ 85281

602-888-7676 ext.301

10. Under "Fingerprinting Preference", you have the option to select where you are located. Select the option that fits you best.

11. Under "Applicant Signature", click the box to authorize custodians of records to release information and sign your name under it.

12. Review your application and click "Continue to My Order" to enter your payment details.

Woo hoo!

Your electronic application has been created and will be matched with your physical fingerprints. You will receive an email shortly from AZDPS with a 10- digit reference number as well as a link to select a location to have your fingerprints taken.

Step 2: Apply for the Arizona Substitute Teacher Certification

Send your transcripts to the Arizona Department of Education: Request that your university/college submit official transcripts documenting a Bachelor's degree or more advanced degree directly to [email protected], or by mail to:

Arizona Department of Education - Certification Unit

P.O. Box 6490

Phoenix, AZ 85005

Create an account on the Arizona Department of Education website : Your DPS Fingerprint card (from Step 1) must be verified and on file before you can complete this step!

Submit your Application: Once you create your Arizona Department of Education account, you can submit all your documents


  • Apply for IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card Receive your IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card

  • Submit transcripts of Bachelor's degree or higher

  • Send your application to the Arizona Department of Education

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