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How do I give feedback to a substitute teacher?
How do I give feedback to a substitute teacher?

Instructions on how to use Scoot2Book.

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After an educator completes the booking day, you'll be able to provide feedback on their performance.

This feedback is confidential and can only be shared with the educator by the consultant.

  1. On your homepage, select the date that the educator subbed.

  2. Scroll down to find the educator and you'll see an option on their info card to Provide Feedback.

  3. Click Provide Feedback and a pop-up window will appear.

    1. There are two ways to provide feedback. Quick feedback is a 5-star review with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Extended feedback will ask you to rate the educator on a number of categories and give you the opportunity to provide more detail.

  4. After providing feedback, indicate whether you want that particular educator to come back or not.

    1. Preferred means you'd like this educator to sub at your school whenever you make a booking.

      1. After marking an educator as preferred, they'll be added to your list of Favorites in the Educators section of Scoot2Book.

    2. Yes means you'd like this educator to sub if your preferred list is unavailable.

    3. No means that you no longer want this educator to come to your school.

      1. If you select this option, please provide info on why you never want this person to come back. If you leave this section empty, expect a consultant to call you to find out.

We really appreciate you providing as much feedback as possible. That way we can have constructive conversations with our educators about how to improve their craft.

We also love positive feedback and enjoy hearing about how our educators are star players at your school.

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