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How do I view and download invoices?
How do I view and download invoices?

Instructions how to use Scoot2Book.

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  1. On the homepage, you'll see a notification if you have pending invoices that need to be paid. Click on View Invoices to get redirected to the Finances window.

  2. You can also click on the Finance tab on the left-hand menu.

  3. You'll now see a list of all past, present, and future invoices. You will also be able to see whether invoices are paid or unpaid.

  4. Search for the invoice you want to view in more detail.

  5. To view the invoice, click on the document icon under the Action column.

    1. When viewing invoices, you have the option to group them by staff or by day.

    2. Notice that you have the option to download the corresponding timesheets.

  6. To download the invoice, click on the cloud icon.

Please note that only approved account managers have access to the Finance tab. If you would like to give access to multiple contacts, just let your designated consultant know.

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