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Employee Assistance Program

How to get signed up and what resources are available to you

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As a substitute teacher with Scoot you have access to our Employee Assistance Program!

We have arranged for more comprehensive resources to support our substitute teacher in all they do. The employee assistance program not only address mental health but also extend to the whole well-being, including family and financial. For more info, you can either view the program here or visit the website below.

ACI Specialty Benefits offers convenient 24/7 access to EAP benefits by phone, email, text, live chat, and online.

How to register:

  1. Employee Landing Page:

  2. Select “Member Portal & App” in the top menu

  3. Register to create a new account using your company code: RSLI859

After registering, you’ll want to create your individual profile. This will help customize your experience based on your family, education, health, wellness, legal, financial and

everyday living needs.

Contact Information

Phone: 855-RSL-HELP (855-775-4357)

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