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401k Program Information

Find out if you're eligible and the steps to enroll

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Scoot is now providing 401k benefits to all eligible educators.

Benefits of a 401k Retirement Plan:

- Designed for long-term savings.

- Contributions can be made pre or post-tax.

- Investment suggestions are provided to plan for your future.

- It is easy! Contributions can be deducted directly from your paycheck.

Human Interest Retirement Education Portal:

- A step-by-step video guide on how employees can enroll online

- A step-by-step guide on how employees can enroll online

- A guide on how employees can manage their accounts online

- A Rollover Chart

- and more…

Does Scoot contribute to my 401k?

No, Scoot does not contribute to employee 401k programs.

Who is eligible for the 401k program?

Our educators are eligible for our 401k program after 1,000 hours (within a 12-month period) plus 1 year of employment with Scoot! Once you are eligible, you will have the opportunity to enroll. If you choose to enroll, you can set your desired contribution percentage.

Additional help resources:

For more general information on how to get started, how to change your contributions, account information, and more, please see the Human Interest Support page below.

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