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Finding and sharing your referral URL
Finding and sharing your referral URL

How to find and share your referral URL to provide when you're referring people.

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Helping to grow the Scoot team of stellar substitutes is exciting! And you get to earn great rewards and prizes at the same time πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰

🚨 Remember: To get rewarded for your referrals, the person you refer must use your share URL.

Where to find your referral URL:

  • One place to find your share URL is in the email you received when you were added to the Refer & Earn program

  • The other place to find your referral URL is by accessing your personalized Refer & Earn dashboard. To do this:

    1. Under the section that says Return to My Dashboard, enter your email and click Sign in (make sure you enter the email you use with Scoot)

    2. You will now be taken to your Refer & Earn dashboard

    3. You will find your personal referral URL under the Share your link box:

How to share your referral URL:

You can share your referral URL however you like but we've given you some helpful shortcuts on your Refer & Earn dashboard.

  • Under the Share your link section of your dashboard, you can press the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn buttons to send a prewritten message to your followers

  • Also on your dashboard, you can use the Refer your friends section to enter the email addresses of people who you want to refer and this will generate a prewritten email for you to send with your referral URL

Best Places to Share Your Link

  • 1-to-1 emails, texts, and messages: If you know someone well enough, you can send them your referral URL directly via email, text, or your messenger of choice

  • Instagram Stories: If you're active on Instagram, using the Stories feature gives a life of its own to talking about Scoot and your referral URL. If you have the "Swipe Up" feature, be sure to attach your referral URL there. If not, be sure to put your URL in your bio

  • Linktree (on Instagram): If you're a Linktree user, adding your referral URL is an easy and evergreen way to surface your link to friends and followers

  • Facebook groups: As long as it complies with the group's policies, sharing your URL with your small communities on Facebook has proven successful. Be sure to add some context to why you're sharing!

  • Blog posts: If you're someone who writes blog posts about your work and process, feel free to add your referral URL where it makes sense

What to Say When You Share

The most important thing to remember is to share your personal experiences with Scoot Education. Remember to share what you like about working with us and why you're recommend your referral joins us.

Always remember...

It is your responsibility to ensure your referral URL is the one used at the time of application. We won't be able to offer you a referral prize if your referral URL isn't used.

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