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Refer & Earn terms and conditions
Refer & Earn terms and conditions

Read this article to learn about terms and conditions associated with our Refer & Earn program.

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Some simple terms and conditions apply to the Refer & Earn program. These are:

  1. There are no limits to the number of people you can refer or how many gift cards you can earn!

  2. For a referral to be considered successful and for you to earn a reward, each of the following steps must be completed:

    1. The person you refer must use your unique referral URL to apply to Scoot Education

    2. Following the application, Scoot Education must hire the person you refer to work as a substitute teacher

    3. The person you referred must work ten (10) separate shifts with Scoot Education. All ten shifts must be completed within one year after hire

  3. Steps 1 and 2 of the above must be completed within 3 months. For example, if the person you refer to Scoot uses your referral URL to apply on January 1, the hiring process must be completed before March 30 of that year

  4. Your referral code cannot be retroactively applied so it's critical that if you refer someone, they use your unique referral URL to apply

  5. Referrals must be in the United States of America

  6. Previous applicants to Scoot Education cannot be referred, even if they open a new application with Scoot

  7. If two people have referred the same person to Scoot, the person who's referral URL was used to apply will receive the reward and only this person

  8. If one person has applied to Scoot more than once and used different referral URLs for each application, the referral URL associated with the application that is hired/approved will receive the reward

  9. You cannot refer yourself to Scoot Education

  10. For a referral prize to be earned, the referred person must use your referral URL to apply to Scoot. Referral URLs cannot be applied after application.

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