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How do you vet your substitute teachers?
How do you vet your substitute teachers?

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Scoot takes special care to get to know our teachers before employing them. That's why all our teachers have:

  • Completed a phone screen

  • Passed a one to one behavioral interview (in person whenever possible)

  • Provided three professional reference checks with at least one from a current or recent supervisor

  • Cleared criminal background check according to state requirements (e.g., DOJ & FBI Live Scan) with ongoing arrest notifications

  • Cleared any medical screening according to state requirements (e.g., TB testing)

  • Completed mandatory training on topics such as mandated reporting, bloodborne pathogens, and sexual harassment

  • Had their state teacher license(s) searched and cleared

In addition to pre-employment screening, each Scoot substitute is supervised by a consultant (often a former teacher) who manages their performance and provides mentoring so our subs can grow their skill sets and provide better learning outcomes.

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