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How do you charge for substitute teachers?
How do you charge for substitute teachers?

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Scoot's pricing for substitute teachers varies between locations as substitute pay rates change in different regions. In all cases Scoot charges based on:

  • Half day (4 or fewer hours)

  • Full day (more than 4 but less than 8 hours)

Scoot also charges differently depending on the level of experience and qualification (e.g., teaching credential) the substitute teacher has.

Pay for what you use

You only get charged when you use a Scoot substitute. Plus we’ll help you manage your budget

No onboarding fees

We never charge a fee to get your school or district ready to request substitutes.

$0 commitment

We don’t require any prepayments or minimum usage. Cancel anytime!

Free technology

Manage your substitute requests and compliance with our free app.

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