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Can I get the COVID vaccination?
Can I get the COVID vaccination?
As a substitute teacher employee you're eligible for the COVID vaccination.
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From March 1, anyone 16-64 who works in education and childcare, including substitute teachers, are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

Supply and requirements vary by county but all educators are approved to schedule appointments to receive a vaccine.

Where to get vaccinated
Where you will be vaccinated depends on your county and the available supply at the time you schedule your appointment. Please read the state's overview of distribution for teachers here.

Californians can make vaccine appointments at

Requirements to prove eligibility
At your appointment, you could be asked to prove that you're employed as an educator. Proof of eligibility varies from county to county so please check your local requirements.

From the counties we have reviewed, we anticipate you should take with you as many of these documents as possible:

  • Your most recent paystub

  • Your original employment letter

  • Proof of active employment with Scoot

  • Scoot ID badge (if you have one)

How to download your eligibility documents
You'll need to gather your eligibility documents from multiple places:

Access your latest paystub
If you last worked with Scoot before October 2020, access Gusto to download a paystub. If you have worked more recently than October 2020, access ADP Workforce Now.

Access your employment letter
Scoot's employment letters are sent to you via email upon signing. Please check your email inbox for an email with one of the following:

If hired before 2020...

Subject Line: You just signed Scoot Substitute Employment Offer

If hired during/after 2020...
From: [email protected]

Subject Line: You have signed Scoot Substitute Teacher Offer

Download proof of active employment
We've created a document for you to prove you're actively needed in the classroom for 2021:

1) How do I access ADP? How do I access Gusto? How do I know which to access?

Recent substitute teachers will access their paystubs via ADP.

If you haven't worked with us since October 2020, you'll access them via Gusto.


  1. Login to your ADP Workforce Now account.

  2. Click "Pay"

  3. Click "View Statement"

  4. Click "Print"

On Gusto:

  1. Login to your Gusto account

  2. Click "See your last paystub"

  3. Click "File > Print"

2) What if I haven’t worked with you yet? Or What if I haven't worked recently and only have old paystubs?

If you never worked for us, use the employment letter and active employment letter as proof.

If you haven't worked recently, use the most recent paystub you have available.

3) Is the vaccine free? Do I need health insurance?

The vaccine does not cost you anything. The COVID-19 vaccine will be free for all, regardless of whether you have private health insurance, are uninsured, or are on Medicare.

4) What if I decide not to get vaccinated?

We're unsure of how that will impact the jobs available. Unvaccinated teachers will likely only be eligible to teach virtually. Currently, open schools are requiring regular testing. We assume that in the future, you’ll either be required to get the vaccine or be tested regularly.

5) Should I tell you after I get my first or 2nd vaccine dose?

Both. Upload your vaccination record card after the first and second dose. Upload here.

6) Does it matter which vaccine I get?

No, it does not matter which brand of vaccine you receive.

7) If I get vaccinated, is there immediate in-person work available?

It depends on where you live, but very likely! Keep in mind after receiving the 2nd shot, there’s a recommended waiting period of 10-15 days before you’re protected against the virus.

8) Will a vaccination mean I won’t have to get COVID tested regularly?

Possibly, we do not know yet.

9) What do I do if I can’t find the required eligibility forms?

After you've tried to access them yourself, contact your consultant directly. They'll happily assist you in finding any documents you're unable to find.

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