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When and how do I complete a timesheet?
When and how do I complete a timesheet?
Read this article to learn how to complete a timesheet.
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Every Friday night you will receive an email from Scoot with a timesheet to review. The email will have the subject line "Review Your Timesheet".

For convenience, we've pre-populated the timesheet with the records we have for your work that week! If the information listed in the email is correct (double check the pay information) then you don't need to do anything.

If any information in the email is incorrect or you need to report school approved overtime, then you need to submit a timesheet change for Scoot to review.

Note: Timesheet changes need to submitted by 10pm Sunday, Pacific time.

How to change your timesheet:

  1. Click the Change Timesheet button in the email

  2. Enter the week start and week end dates for the relevant week (work weeks are Sunday to Saturday)

  3. Select which day(s) you need to change

4. Enter the updated shift start and end times (especially important when reporting overtime)

5. Add a description of the change you've made

6. Once you've updated the day(s) you believe are incorrect, scroll to the bottom and click the Submit button

Scoot will then review your changes and contact you with any questions.

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