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How do I set or change my tax withholding settings?
How do I set or change my tax withholding settings?

Tax is automatically withheld from your pay; to change the amount of withholding update your IRS form W-4 settings.

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All of Scoot's teachers are W-2 employees which means our payroll provider will withhold tax from your pay. This way you don't get stuck with a large tax bill when you file your tax returns each year.

Your withholding settings are controlled by your selections on your W-4 form which is an IRS form you would have completed when you created your account on Scoot's payroll system; ADP Workforce Now.

Calculating your withholding settings:

You can use this IRS Tax Withholding Estimator to learn the most appropriate W-4 settings for you.

This article is an additional resource with a good explanation of the W-4 form.

Alternatively, speak to a tax professional to guide you on the correct W-4 settings.

Creating or updating your W-4 withholding settings:

Follow these steps to create or update your W-4 withholding settings:

  1. From the top menu, select Myself > Pay > Tax Withholdings

  2. Under Federal, select Start or Edit

  3. Complete each step and press Next to progress

  4. At the last stage, you'll be presented with your new W-4 and you can press Done to apply the new withholding settings

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