A pod can be created in whatever space is available! For safety reasons, being outside is best, followed by an indoor space with plenty of ventilation. The more room to allow for social distancing, the better.

In regards to a conducive learning environment, we suggest taking the time to transform a space in your home to be tailored and dedicated to teaching and learning. You'll be using it frequently, so allocate a space solely for learning!

In terms of design, minimal clutter and functionality is important, but also, take advantage of the innovation a home can provide. Flexible-seating classrooms can provide inspiration!

Things to think about including in your home classroom:

  • White board

  • Supplies (pen, paper, markers, etc)

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Timer

  • Organization/storage items

  • Folders (for communicating with parents)

  • Extra masks (in case someone forget or loses one)

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